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The Silver King's War

Michael G. Sievers

"The Silver King's War" is a podcast series of World War II plays (The Silver King, Marauder Men, Serviceman and Who Is Della) based on true events about a young man, Stanley Silverfield, who joins the United States Army Air Corps to serve his country as a Martin Marauder B-26 Bombardier flying in the 9th Air Force.  Stanley wrote letters to his family throughout World War II from January 1943 to October 1945. An exploration of his war letters, “Dearest Ones,” follows the four plays.  The series concludes with a trilogy of plays, "The Silverfields of Northbrook," which follows the family's 1950s suburban life. Stanley, born in Birmingham, Alabama, on April 23, 1923, died on October 15, 1990, in Rockford, Illinois. He was 67. The Silver King is my dad.  Please enjoy and share The Silver King's War.